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Jump in and create stunning fluid art using our 72pc Pouring Paint Experience Kit.

Inside the set is everything needed to start pouring,

including pre-mixed paints, mediums, varnish, silicone oil, accessories, and a handy instruction booklet to get you started.

Use the cups to measure your paint, then pour your colour combos onto the canvas, tilt and watch the paint move around and create exciting abstract patterns.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this all-in-one pouring paint kit is ready when you are.


  • 72pc set Includes :
    • 24 coloured pouring acrylic paints 60ml (2 US fl.oz)
    • 4 single thick canvases  20x25cm (7.9 x 9.8in)
    • 2 Pouring acrylic mediums 60ml (2 US fl.oz)
    • 2 foil Paints 20mL (0.6 US fl.oz)
    • Iridescent Varnish 60ml (2 US fl.oz)
    • Silicone Oil 60ml (2 US fl.oz)
    • 20 wooden Sticks
    • 5 pouring cups
    • Drop Sheet
    • 2 pairs of gloves
    • Pouring basket
    • Pouring comb
    • Split pouring cup
    • 6 glitters   
    • Instruction booklet
  • Includes everything needed to create – great gift set
  • Paints come premixed and ready to pour
  • Pouring paints suitable for stretched canvas and board
  • Suitable for pouring and flow painting techniques

Handy hints:

  • Shake well before use to avoid paint separation occurring due to pre-mixing.
  • Add extra silicone oil to create stunning cells (ideally use heat from a blow torch for best results)
  • Mix additional pouring medium with your paints to increase flow
  • Wear protective clothing and cover and use a drop sheet to cover your work area from excess paint 
  • Lay artwork on a flat surface to dry for around 1-3 days (depending on thickness of paint)


  • Dirty pour
  • Flip cup
  • String pull
  • Dutch pour
  • Puddle pour
  • Tree ring pour
  • Swipe pour

Pouring Paint Experience Kit Premium 72pc

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